About Us

CAFF aims to celebrate Caribbean and Latin American cinema through the short film format.
A transversal festival of Fiction, Animation and Documentary short films. The idea is to go through the city of Caracas and meet all the different audiences that exist, activating collaborations with cultural organizations working in the territory.

ABOUT US. We are a group of Venezuelans and Italians who, since 2013, have been working in Italy organizing cultural film and illustration events. After ten years of bringing cinema to many places in the world, involving all kinds of audiences, we would like to use what we have learned abroad to organize something new in our country, because we believe in the power of culture to make positive changes in individuals and, at the same time, in the community.
To do this, we have created partnerships with different cultural entities in the country, both institutional and independent, because we believe in the importance of joining forces, building bridges and celebrating the good that exists in the country.

THE ORGANIZATION. The event is produced by La Guarimba, a cultural organiation located in the region of Calabria, in the south of Italy, with the aim of bringing cinema back to the people and the people back to cinema.
Since 2013, we have been organising film festivals, film residencies, animation workshops for children and young people, illustration exhibitions.
We have been awarded with the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic, we have been recognized by the European Parliament, we are part of the Creativity Pioneers of the Moleskine Foundation and of the Short Film Conference.

THE FILM RESIDENCY. Among our European projects there is KINO GUARIMBA, a film residency that takes place every year in June and September. It is a creative laboratory where, for 12 days, 50 artists from all over the world meet to get to know each other and develop audiovisual ideas together.
This is why we have decided that the prizes for the international and national competitions should be a place in the residency, because we believe that formative experiences are much more enriching and have a greater impact than a monetary prize.